First Steps to Recovery Right After Childbirth

First Steps to Recovery Right After Childbirth

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This post contains affiliate links in which I make a profit on. But as one mama to another, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t love!

Additionally, I am not a doctor; just a mama basing this information off my own experiences as a mother, athlete, and prior research. Please consult your doctor before proceeding with any of the following information!

Although, you are probably reading this before your baby is born, I’m still going to hit you with the congratulations, you did it (or are about to do it)! You gave birth to your sweet baby! Now what?

This list is for both mamas who are preparing to have their baby and for mamas who have already had their baby and are still experiencing newly postpartum pain.

Yes mamas’ about to become mamas, I said it, PAIN. But really, there is nothing to be afraid of. You just pushed another human out of you (straight forward but true), of course you will be sore.

Hence this list of your First Steps to Recovery Right After Childbirth!

desert-CAMPING-1-1 First Steps to Recovery Right After Childbirth


Step 1

Take a deep breath, and soak it in.

You are holding your baby, emotions flowing through you, and possibly even shaking. Childbirth was a long journey and you did it! Soak it in Mama, every sweet baby stare. This is your time to bond with your baby. Additionally, taking time to really soak in the current moment and having gratitude over this short time will both give your body and mind time to wind down and leave you with a beautiful memory.


Step 2

Skin to skin

This goes with the previous step, however, it is so important, I had to give it its own. Mamas, Skin to Skin is ESSENTIAL to heal directly after birth. It doesn’t just give you and your baby time to connect, but reduces the chances of postpartum anxiety, promotes your milk supply, and has several health benefits towards your newborn (body temperature regulation, body functions, etc.).

Step 3


What is Arnica? Arnica is a homeopathic remedy in tablet form that reduces bruising, soreness, and swelling, and is safe for both you and your baby to take. Taking these tablets after birth will help reduce bruising on your baby, as well as, body soreness that comes with childbirth on you. This was a MUST for me newly postpartum!

Of course, be sure to confirm with your doctor or midwife, and pediatrician that this homeopathic is a good idea for you to take.


Step 4

Let people help you and speak up if you need anything.

Now is not the time to be supermom. You have already earned that title from giving birth! Let ALL the people help you. If you need anything, just ask and don’t be afraid of sounding needy. I can guarantee that you are not and everyone around you wants to help.

Step 5

Eat nourishing comfort food.

Speaking of all the people helping you, let them feed you all the food. Seriously, your body just went through the mill. Nourish it. I suggest foods such as oatmeal with chia seeds, eggs, or muffins (which is what I had). All of these will give you energy and/or protein.

Here’s a good gluten-free/dairy-free  muffin option for my fellow gluten-free mamas, which I actually really enjoy now. Bonus, they’re CHOCOLATE!!!

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Step 6

Speaking of nourishing, take supplements.

Like I just said, your body has just done so much and left it all while giving birth. replenish and nourish it.

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Step 7

Shower Mama, shower!

This is really the best way to feel like yourself again. Most likely, birth got a little messy for you, showering will make you feel like a new person (well almost).

A little tip: Use this time for daddy to get some skin to skin with baby.

Step 8

Peri Bottle + Sitz Bath = Best Friend

Fill a peri bottle with a sitz bath mixture. Use this every time after you use the bathroom. Or use the sitz bath to soak your bum in.

This will promote healing down there and also provide some relief.

It really was my best friend!

Step 9

Sit carefully, DO NOT (for the love of God) Scoot!

Mamas, obviously, if you are sore you will automatically sit down carefully. But, sometimes we try to rush activities (even sitting down) and it ends in a regretful ouch! Especially if you have stitches, be mindful of how you sit down and the position you end up in.

Additionally, when you are sitting, never let your legs fall open.  Keeping them closed during the early moments of postpartum will contribute to a correct healing down under.

With all of this said, most importantly, do what feels right to you and taking every last thing at snail speed.

Happy first moments of being a mama!


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