How To Make A Strong Postpartum Comeback

How To Make A Strong Postpartum Comeback

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This post contains affiliate links in which I make a profit on. But as one mama to another, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t love!

Additionally, I am not a doctor; just a mama basing this information off my own experiences as a mother, athlete, and prior research. Please consult your doctor before proceeding with any of the following information!




After you have your baby, you soon realize that most aspects of owning the title “Mom” are not as pretty as TV says they are. Poopy diapers and spit up are one thing (don’t worry, you’ll get used to those), but the postpartum healing process going on down there/in there/all around there; that is a whole different story. 

Moreover, there will be a point in your postpartum journey that working out and moving will come. However, in the meantime, you need to learn the steps that you can take now, that will get yourself to that point in the healthiest way possible. 

This post will cover 7 tips that you need to do towards getting back on your feet, stronger and healthier than ever.

desert-CAMPING-3 How To Make A Strong Postpartum Comeback


These Healing Products Are Your Best Friend

  1. Peri Bottle and Sitz Bath
  2. Postnatal Vitamin
  3. Mama Tea 
  4. Witch Hazel
  5. Arnica

If you’re looking to give your body the best chance in a speedy recovery, try these natural healing products. As your body was made to heal its self, there is no harm in nourishing it with nature-based products. Now, I am not saying these items will completely heal you and your body will magically feel as good as new overnight, but they will give your body the little bit of extra love that it so craves to heal.


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On Point, Yet Comforting Nutrition

By this I mean healthy and nutritious foods that will provide your body with the nourishment it needs to keep you and your baby going; but also that will give you something to look forward to and enjoy eating.  

So how should your diet look?

  • High Protein (Such as meat, quinoa, oats, chia seeds, nuts and seeds, and my favorite- protein powder
  • Healthy Fats (Such as Avocado, DARK CHOCOLATE, and coconut oil)
  • Healthy carbohydrates to give you energy (Such as oatmeal, barley, bananas, and broccoli)

With that said Mama, snack it up. Fueling your body every few hours will keep your metabolism in check and your energy level high (well higher that is).


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desert-CAMPING-3 How To Make A Strong Postpartum Comeback



Confidence Is Key

Your body will not heal if you are constantly feeling unacceptable of yourself. Furthermore, let yourself off of the hook. You don’t have to look like the picture perfect mom that runs around, tending to her children’s needs in her slim workout wear and sporty shoes.

Buy yourself some well deserved, COMFY, postpartum clothing items that you find cute as well. Loose fitting clothes are most comfy! 

Additionally, purchasing a belly belt or a belly bind can help you simply feel more held together (and less like your organs are floating aimlessly around inside of you).

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Kegel Exercises

Let’s be honest, we all flipped our hair thinking, “yeah right” when our mama friends told us that they pee their pants when they jump. However now, while currently facing reality, you are learning that this is unpleasantly true. 

With all pride aside, begin those Kegel Exercises. These exercises will help you strengthen your pelvic floor resulting in less pee and other bodily fluids that nobody wants to talks about.  

Walking = Love

Walking was my favorite when I was in the newly postpartum stage. I loved that it gave me a way to move my body before I was able to work out. 

Likewise, strapping in your baby to that stroller (or baby carrier), plugging your headphones into your favorite podcast (you have to give Cultivating The Lovely a listen), and getting outside can be a great way to get some exercise, as well as, relax your mama-brain.


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Have A Supplement Routine

Similar to your healing products, a good supplement routine can aid postpartum recovery and fuel your body in nutrients it might be missing. 

You can find a list of postnatal supplements that all mothers should take HERE

However, my top 3 favorites are:

  1. Redcon1 GI Juice (use my affiliate code T10TaylorBe for 10% off)
  2. Slippery Elm Bark
  3. Collagen Peptides


Snuggle, Sleep, Repeat!

As life continues, you will be returning to your busy routine soon enough. During these first early moments after you have your baby, it’s important to slow down and focus on the now. The now is the baby snuggled deep in your arms. The now is the sweet naps you get to take with him and the endless stares you get to enjoy. 

While working out is important, during this time, resting is ESSENTIAL in being able to make a strong comeback both physically and mentally.




desert-CAMPING-3 How To Make A Strong Postpartum Comeback

7 Tips For A Healthy Workout Routine Postpartum

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  1. Oh, that Peri bottle! Man, I have never loved a squirt bottle so much in my life! Such great info!

    1. I totally agree, Tiffany! I filled the peri bottle with site bath and it was a game changer!

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