15 Self-Care Ideas For When Motherhood Ain’t Easy

15 Self-Care Ideas For When Motherhood Ain’t Easy

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This post contains affiliate links in which I make a profit on. But as one mama to another, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t love!


The only words to describe this type of day-in-the-life of a mom is, well, EXHAUSTING AS ALL GET OUT. Despite all of your efforts to make today’s events finish out smoothly; there were bumps in the road, poop blowouts five minutes before you were about to leave, juice spilt on the carpet, toys flying, babies crying, and Mom….Mom expected to clean up the mess.

We all have heard a million times that self-care is a must. However, on days like these, when you can’t catch a break, how are you supposed to find the time to care for yourself? While no mother has the exact answer (including myself), doing my best to make myself a priority has given me a few self-care ideas to squeeze into my busy mom life. Ideas in which, I would like to share with you!

Furthermore, none of these ideas are expected to be completed all in one day. (Although, how nice would that be?!) All of them can be easily fit into a few free minutes in a mama’s busy life.


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motivation-ad2 15 Self-Care Ideas For When Motherhood Ain't Easy

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motivation-ad2 15 Self-Care Ideas For When Motherhood Ain't Easy


1. Baby & You (or just you) Bubble Bath

Add a soothing face mask for mama to up your relaxing game.

2. Take A Short (or long) Walk

On days where my son will not go down for his nap and life is just plain crazy, I enjoy plugging my headphones into my favorite podcast, strapping my baby on me, and going for a nice walk.

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3. Nap When Baby Naps

While I know this is definitely not possible all of the time (#busymomlife), on days where you need a “slow down moment” or are simply just extra low on energy, take that nap girl!


4. Drink Your Favorite Drink 

A.K.A. caffeine it up mama! I throughly enjoy my coffee in the middle of a long day, but I also enjoy matcha lattes (which is a great GUT HEALTHY alternative to coffee). On the other hand, if you are not a caffeine drinker, enjoy whatever beverage that makes you look forward to drinking it. Can anyone say hot CHOCOLATE?!

5. Make Your Bedtime As Soon As Kids Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I am a night worker! I tend to wait until my son goes to sleep for the night to get my work done  (extremely accurate statement because I’m typing this out, baby in my arms, at 1:00am). However, some days let yourself off the momprenuer hook or whatever hook you hold yourself on. A longer nights sleep is a wonderful way to give yourself a little extra TLC.

6. Exercise

Take 15 minutes off whatever you are doing and try this Mama & Baby Ab Workout For Postpartum Mamas

7. Turn Your Brain OFF

I know this sounds counterproductive; however, it can be a truly helpful tool to recharge from a chaotic day. Us mamas are constantly thinking, thinking, thinking. Most days our brains and hearts are on complete overload! Taking part in a “brainless” activity such as getting lost in a Netflix show can help do the trick and give us a break from reality.


Is it sad that this is my favorite way to show myself care? I’m going to go with “no” because reality is, mamas barely have enough time to take a shower, let alone shave their legs! After it’s done, you know you will feel like a new woman!

#MOMHACK : If there is no one to relieve you from your mom duties, use this awesome bath seat to put your baby in the shower with you. Put bath toys that stick on the walls of the bath tub to buy you some time. 

9. Diffuse Oils

Using a duffer to diffuse oils has many health benefits depending on what type of oil you choose. This can be done any time of the day as a pick-me-up or a way to relax. I love diffusing lavender essential oil every night. It helps my baby settle down, as well as,  helps my mind relax and smells great too!

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10. Dedicate 15 Minutes To An Activity You Love

Whether this is cooking, sewing, dancing, or any kind of skill you like to practice, give yourself 15 minutes to work on it. As us mamas tend to forget about our passions and loves, it is important to continue to grow yourself in the areas that you are passionate about. Life doesn’t always have to be about poopy diapers and laundry!

11. Put Your PJ’s In The Dryer Before Heading To Bed

I like this one! It’s simple yet feels like, “wow, this awesome. I deserve this!” 

12. Stretch

Stretching your muscles, as well as feels good, relaxes tension in your body resulting in less mental stress.

13. indulge In Something Yummy

Now, just because your indulging, yummy doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. The simple act of changing your thinking from, “I’m just eating this” to, “I’m going to eat this yummy muffin because I deserve it” can be a great way to show yourself love.

Try these Clean Eating Dessert Recipes

14. Warm Rag With Essential Oils

After you get the kids to sleep is the perfect time to warm a rag underneath water, place a few drops of a relaxing essential oil on the rag, and place it on your forehead. Breath deeply to catch the aromatherapy benefits.

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15. Daily Devotional Session

Counter to what most women conclude, your daily devotional session DOES NOT  have to be long. We mothers, in the season of having little children, most days do not have time to sit down for an hour long session of reading, notes, and journal writing (don’t worry, I’ve heard this season will come eventually). But, spending 5-10 minutes in the word or praying is the PERFECT way to prepare our minds for the day ahead or to reflect on the moments behind us.

I have been really enjoying my Jesus Calling Devotional by Sarah Young because its short, sweet, and to the point. It feels as though all of the daily readings are directed at current situations that are going on in my life. It is very personable and just really relatable in general.

motivation-ad2 15 Self-Care Ideas For When Motherhood Ain't Easy


motivation-ad2 15 Self-Care Ideas For When Motherhood Ain't Easy

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motivation-ad2 15 Self-Care Ideas For When Motherhood Ain't Easy

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