Why Breastfeeding Is So Good: Facts From Real Moms

Why Breastfeeding Is So Good: Facts From Real Moms

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You have all heard the saying, “breast is best”. But as you contemplate what actually goes into breastfeeding, I’m sure you are wondering if it is actually worth it. Today, I am here to share with you how worth it breastfeeding really is. From scientific facts about the health benefits of breastfeeding, to real mom opinions about why they choose to breastfeed their babies, this post will lay it all out on the table!

Now, before digging deep into the rainbows and butterflies of the breastfeeding world, I want to make it known that although an incredible option, it sometimes can not be an option for some mamas. With that said, we are ALL doing are best as mothers, and that is what counts! Additionally, breastfeeding is definitely not all rainbows and butterflies in a garden of happy flowers! Many mamas go through several different kinds of struggles to be able to provide this liquid gold for their babies and sometimes, it can be JUST PLAIN HARD. However, while all of us experience a variety of hardships, I know we can all agree that the benefits of breastfeeding, highly outweigh the tiny struggles when put into perspective.

Prep-For-Postpartum Why Breastfeeding Is So Good: Facts From Real Moms


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Prep-For-Postpartum Why Breastfeeding Is So Good: Facts From Real Moms


1. Breastfeeding boosts your babies immune system. According to health-foundations.com, your breast milk protects against bacterial meningitis, pneumonia, common colds and flu, diarrhea, many other infections.

2. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of your baby catching infections later in life, even after he or she is done breastfeeding.

3. Breastfeeding minimizes the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in Mama,

4. Breastfeeding releases Oxytocin, which is a hormone that relaxes both Mama and baby.

5. Breastfeeding helps shrink Mom’s Uterus back to normal, as well as aids in postpartum recovery overall.

6.  Breast milk can not be copied! Even though your breast milk changes in between each feeding, it is always perfectly made for your baby.

7. Breastfeeding burns at least 500 calories per day!

8. Because of your breast milk, your baby can smell you, resulting in a strong relationship between you and baby.

9. Breast milk contains anti-bodies that protect your baby from surrounding germs. These anti-bodies adapt accordingly to the germs you are around.

10, Your breast milk is ever-adapting. This means, as baby’s needs grow while he or she gets older, so will your breast milk in order to meet his or her needs.

11. According to beautifulbreastfeeding.com, breastfeeding kills 40 different cancer cells in baby’s body!

12. Breastfeeding can counteract HIV.


So what do moms really think about breastfeeding?

Prep-For-Postpartum Why Breastfeeding Is So Good: Facts From Real Moms“Breastfeeding Mama” is the label we wear with pride. I hope the following responses inspire you to either continue or begin your breastfeeding journey.

I have teamed up with Nat The Natural Mom to spread awareness of the wonderful benefits we cherish during our journey as breastfeeding moms. I have asked 11 other Mamas the question, “Why do you breastfeed?”

Here is what they said:

Mom #1:

” I breastfeed because it is what my body is made to do, and I feel like a superhero while doing it.”  –Kristin @kristinblyth

Mom #2:

“I breastfeed because there’s no better feeling knowing I’m able to provide my baby with the best nutrients at any age while creating the most special, sweet bond.”  –Darina @darinaegstad

Mom #3:

“I breastfeed because my baby instantly latched and hasn’t left the boob since. It was never a set in stone plan,, but more of a ‘if it works out we’l roll with it’ thing. We had a rocky start with our oldest and never had the chance, but within 15 minutes of taking her first breath of air she was glued to my breast like a barnacle to a whales back and she gave me no other option.”  –Ashton @sippycupsandsparkles

Mom #4:

“I breastfeed because it’s a convenient and free way for me to bond while providing nutrition and comfort.”                                –Chelsea  @chelseadreamin

Mom #5:

“I breastfeed because I love the bond and it’s almost always the answer whenever you need some peace and quiet.”           –Courtney @aforeverlylove

Mom #6:

“I breastfeed because I am my daughters comfort, because I have nourished her with my body since her tiny life first existed and because these close moments of just her & I won’t last forever.”  -Jordynn @joordynnalexanderfalcones

Mom #7:

“I breastfeed because it fosters an incredible bond between me and my babies. Being the main life line for them seems so natural and organic. I couldn’t imagine it being any other way.”  –Stephanie @lavender.fig

Mom #8:

“I breastfeed because when my son was first placed on my chest, shortly after being born he started to “root” and look for my nipple. From that day our bond started. A bond that is unbreakable and so fulfilling for us both. We are now past 2.5 years of nursing and the benefits are still continuing. I have a healthy toddler who loves life and loves to cuddle up to nurse! He nurses for comfort as well as for his source of food and nutrients! Many don’t realize the health benefits for extended Breastfeeding.  I nurse because my body makes milk! What’s your super power?”  –Delanie @delaniencayden

Mom #9:

“I breastfeed because my body perfectly creates what my baby needs.”  –Chelsea @chelgardner

Mom #10:

“I choose to breastfeed because it feels so natural, the most natural way to nourish my babies. I also choose for many other reasons. I believe it is the best nutrition for my babies, it builds their immune system like nothing else and really is the best medicine for them, preventative and corrective. I love sharing such an intimate moment with them that is so special and bonding for us. It’s always my goal to have a long and healthy breastfeeding experience with each of my babies, but I will always say Fed is best.”  –Kaitlyn @kaitlynrose_thebalancedmama

Mom #11:

“I breastfeed because breast milk is a living food that nourishes my child in a way nothing else could and grows a bond between us that I never knew was possible.”  –Bethany @kiddandkiddo

And as for me:

I breastfeed because it is the very best that I PERSONALLY can do for my son.  If I know how beneficial it is for my baby and can successfully nurse him, than why wouldn’t I? Although my son gets taken to my work every two hours to nurse, and although every break I have is consumed by nursing him; To me, it’s a no brainer.   –Taylor @naturallymama_andwika

No aspect of breastfeeding is easy, but if you really think about it, neither is anything that is truly worth doing. I hope today, that you leave this post feeling inspired and empowered to experience an incredible breastfeeding journey of your own.

Also Mama, if I have learned anything during my own journey, it has been the worth of community. Don’t forget to follow these mamas’ expedition through motherhood on Instagram and check out Nat The Natural Mom for breastfeeding shirts & other cute mama/baby apparel!


Prep-For-Postpartum Why Breastfeeding Is So Good: Facts From Real Moms

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Prep-For-Postpartum Why Breastfeeding Is So Good: Facts From Real Moms

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  1. Amazing facts!!! Breastfeeding is amazing. So happy to be a little piece of this, thank you!

    1. Thank You! It is absolutely amazing! I am so happy to include you in this Kristin! Thank you for your sweet answer.

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