How To Stay Motivated In The Gym FOR MOMS

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You woke up early, drank your smoothie, put yourself together, and had all intentions of working out until…the baby pooped again, he will not stop crying, the laundry needs putting away, and now the only motivation that you have left is just enough to pick of the messy pieces and pour yourself another cup of (soon to be cold) coffee.

If this described you, welcome to the club, Mama! The lack of motivation is not only felt by you, but it is felt by your friendly neighborhood mom, your homeschooling mom, your get your kids out of the door to the bus mom, and even your “picture perfect” athletic mom (not to mention me). 

Furthermore, we all struggle with this feeling. After giving our kids the world, our motivation tends to leave with it, withdrawing us from a healthy mental state and retiring us from our fitness goals.

Moreover, how do we break the cycle?

I can sure tell you that the answer to this question is not hiding underneath the covers, nor is it forcing yourself to workout like it’s an obligation. 

While the answer to this question may not be the exact same of every mama out there, here are 5 simple ways that anyone can relate too in helping you stay motivated in the gym (or home) workout as a mom!

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Don't Let The Mom Guilt Bite

While the mom guilt is real in ALL OF US, changing your perspective of thinking can help lessen the impact. 

Two thoughts to change your perspective:

  1. Your health affects your children’s health. Therefore, doing things to improve yourself, will in return, make you an even better mom!
  2. You are still you, even with kids. Having kids does not take away the fact that healthy is a necessity.

You Gave Birth, Honey!

Honey, you not only grew a human for nine months, but also gave birth to it! Whether vaginally or cesarean, it hurt like a mother! 

Furthermore, does the discomfort of working out match the pain of birthing your child? Your answer was probably, “no”, which consequently, means that YOU ARE strong enough!

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Are you struggling with motivation to get moving, Mama?

If you:

a.) Feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

b.) Feel like you can not make time to workout, but need too.

c.) Feel like you need an extra push to remind you that YOU DESERVE IT.

Than I suggest you join my 12 Days of Christmas Fit Life Challenge. Here, you will receive all of that, PLUS 12 days of FREE busy mama workout programming and video tutorials and learn how to plan your workouts so that they fit in your life, giving you time to workout.

Give Yourself Grace

We, as mothers, are not designed to do it all. WOW, SHOCKER, RIGHT?! Although it can tend to feel as if we are, we actually, are only made to do two things; take care of our children and take care of ourselves. Moreover, give yourself grace in that tasks may not always get done. If that task so happens to be your workout, throw the disappointment out of the window and try again tomorrow.

Additionally, give yourself grace, as sometimes reality may not meet your expectations quite yet. Health and fitness are a journey, not a destination. I know that is cliche’, however, the truth behind it is one of the most important thoughts us mamas need to remember!

Do It For The Head Turns

Do it for the, “Wow, she had a baby” head turns. 

But in all seriousness,

while our bodies will never truly go back to the way they were before we had babies (who would want them to, anyways), having confidence in the hard work that we are putting into them, is key to feeling confident and motivated. 

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Health Improver or Stress Reliever?

The answer to that is both! You most likely know that working out releases endorphins. However, what you probably have not paired together is how those endorphins can help you steer away from postpartum depression.

By the same token, use working out as your stress reliever. The stress that your daily tasks, your responsibilities, and your family (yes, I just went there) put on you, simply moving can provide you with a way to escape from it all. Now, does working out sound more appealing?

Hi, Mama!

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new workout plan geared towards helping busy moms balance working out and mom life together, all while taking a stress-free, energizing approach to your fitness routine and gaining the results that you so desire. I understand how hard it is to keep up with a fitness routine as a mom and how frustrating it can be when you crave results but feel overwhelmed with the process. That’s why I created The 30 Day Blossoming Fitness Busy Mom’s Workout Plan, for moms like you (and me), who just don’t have that extra spare hour to workout. This fitness plan will not only give you do-able workouts that YOU CAN DO with your baby or toddler, but the support and help you need to achieve your goals. Head on over HERE, for a special 10% offer! How To Stay Motivated In The Gym FOR MOMS How To Stay Motivated In The Gym FOR MOMS
Taylor Behringer, creator of Blossoming Fitness and the blog behind it, Naturally Blossoming, is a fellow mom who is passionate about helping other mamas live healthy lives. After struggling with her own health after a difficult childbirth, she is determined to create a resource for moms to turn to for help. Moreover, after 17 years of training and teaching as a dancer, as well as prior experience in the CrossFit industry, she combines her past knowledge with new to create functional baby-incorporated workout programs for moms of all levels of fitness.

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  1. I worked with many ladies with newborns. Once they got their routine right and let go of the guilt of not looking at their babies for the duration of the session their mindset quickly changed to one in which they were looking forward to the break. That little bit of “me time” became their oasis away from a world of nappies and feeding bottles. Nurturing yourself will help you take better care of your brood. 🙂

    1. I agree 100%. I think it’s a journey we will always have to work on. As moms, it’s natural for us to put everyone before ourselves. However, without caring for ourselves we won’t be able to efficiently care for others!

    1. I totally get that! I have been a trained dancer my whole life. I think when you’re an athlete, you hold a different kind of pressure on yourself. Be kind to yourself mama! You’re body has done amazing things!

    1. Thank you! I herd that one day listening to a podcast and it changed my life!

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