Moms Have Goals Too

Moms Have Goals Too

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After carrying a child for a long nine months, you birthed him or her and have now gained the label, “Mom”. A label in which gets tossed around like a hot potato that’s on fire and is automatically assumed to be the ending of any life goals outside of motherhood as we know it.

Well, I am here to tell you that those barriers that are put on us (by others and ourselves) should be broken and to give you a new meaning to the label “Mom”.

moms Moms Have Goals Too

What type of barriers are tying you up?

So often, there is a negative stigma about becoming a mother. Now, I don’t mean the actual “becoming a mother part”, because that is more or less celebrated. However, I do mean the stigma that once you become a mother than that’s it; you are solely a mother. Your options of where your life was going disappear in an instant and your perception changes. You switch gears from a goal-driven,  individual to a caregiver; and I don’t mean to give the word, “caregiver” a negative reputation, but it’s the truth.

Motherhood lays upon us and we are washed away with its responsibilities. We surround ourselves with the lie that we can only have one calling in life, and that calling is motherhood, PERIOD.

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However, what if I told you that becoming a mother does just the opposite.

That it drives strength into your will and gives life into your passions and goals. All that you have to do, is make the decision to see the power that motherhood has thrown at you and read into the fact that you were created to do more.


So my question is, what type of barriers are tying you up?

  • Is it mom guilt?
  • The lack of time in each day?
  • The pressure to meet the general expectations of being a mom?
  • Is it the fact that you think you can only have one key purpose?

Whether its either of these barriers (or even one not listed), I can tell you that you can still be an amazing mom (in fact, even a more amazing mom, if that’s possible) while achieving your goals and dreams. There is no need to throw them away or place them on a shelf to look back on.

Here Is Why:

  • A mother’s body is capable of more than the average.
  • A mother is motivated beyond what is necessary to succeed.
  • A mother cares deeply and will take care of every detail.
  • A mother can juggle (not in the literal sense. Well, maybe, if you count chasing a toddler while brushing your teeth and pulling up your pants a literal form of juggling).

Therefore, why shouldn’t you feel even more capable now than you did before you became a mother?

Moreover, becoming a mother does a lot of things, but it DOES NOT limit you. Letting motherhood empower yourself to achieve your goals will shine a light on the fact that motherhood simply gives you superpowers and that using them is the key to breaking through the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your desires.

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  1. Yes! I totally agree. Though it can be a time of challenges, being a mom is empowering too! Great article

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