Start Toning Your Mombod in 15 Minutes

Start Toning Your Mombod in 15 Minutes

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Do you feel intimidated when it becomes time to workout? Staring at your hour and a half long workout, wondering how you are ever going to get this done before Baby becomes fussy? Or worse; do you feel intimidated about your workout time because you just simply do not know what kind of movements are really going to help you?

I am here to tell you that a; your workouts do not need to be longer than 15 to 20 minutes, b; if you feel intimidate all of the time, than it’s time to try something else, and c; life is too short for ineffective workouts!

Moreover, having a background in CrossFit, I have experienced for awhile, how effective short workouts can be when done correctly. CrossFit workouts such as the Fran (21-15-9 of thrusters and pull-ups), where the average person can usually finish this one in under 15 minutes and an advanced athlete in around 3-5 minutes, it is one of the hardest workouts in the CrossFit books. Furthermore, all it takes in having a successful, quick workout is knowing what effective, fundamental exercises to include and build upon.

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  • SIT-UP

When you include each one of these fundamental exercises in every workout that you do, you will ensure that you are working your whole body. Fundamentals don’t have to mean same old-same old, but can be added upon to make them more interesting and dynamic. For instance, instead of including plank and pushups in your workout separately, combine them into a variation, such as a Burpee.


Including the fundamental exercises in each workout that you do is essential to making your workouts most effective. Furthermore, the best way to make a short workout the most beneficial in toning your body, is to work your whole body in one workout. Working your whole body, in compared to having one specialized day for each muscle group (leg day, arm day, abdominal day, etc.), will result in a more balanced workout. 

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Keep your repetitions short and include rounds in your workout. For example, 3 rounds of  20 squats, 15 sit-ups, 10 burpees.  While keeping your repetitions short you are able to move through them at a speed that will challenge your endurance as well, again adding to the whole idea of a full body workout.


With all of this said, the most important action that you should take in giving yourself the most effective and quick workout as possible is completing the movements correctly. Each movement was created with a specific way of help in mind and if not done correctly, it is almost a guarantee that you will not gain the same results as completing it the way it is supposed to be completed. Moreover, I highly suggest using video tutorials to your advantage! Video tutorials are a great way to gain the knowledge that you need to get the most out of your workouts without leaving your home (which is, most of the time, essential to us mamas).

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So-Glam-nvo9bxgvzlm09sw40lx2w03uirg4fvfz5t4yqctw12 Start Toning Your Mombod in 15 Minutes
So-Glam-nvo9bxgvzlm09sw40lx2w03uirg4fvfz5t4yqctw12 Start Toning Your Mombod in 15 Minutes
Taylor Behringer, creator of Blossoming Fitness and the blog behind it, Naturally Blossoming, is a fellow mom who is passionate about helping other mamas live healthy lives. After struggling with her own health after a difficult childbirth, she is determined to create a resource for moms to turn to for help. Moreover, after 17 years of training and teaching as a dancer, as well as prior experience in the CrossFit industry, she combines her past knowledge with new to create functional baby-incorporated workout programs for moms of all levels of fitness.

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