5 Foolproof Ways To Conquer A Healthy Postpartum Diet

5 Foolproof Ways To Conquer A Healthy Postpartum Diet

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This post contains affiliate links in which I make a profit on. But as one mama to another, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t love!

We’ve all done it. Told ourselves Sunday, “On Monday I will start my healthy diet.” Then, sure enough, Monday rolled around and the leftover donut from your family’s Sunday morning breakfast looked awful good, posing its self there on the counter. What do you do? Spend the rest of your morning contemplating your worth and then, finally give into to the oh, so, beautiful jelly-filled donut.

Now, here you are, reading a blog post about how to conquer your postpartum diet and hoping for a quick solution to slap you out of this “bad eating phase”.

However, you are going to be super pleased to know that the solution to having a healthy diet after having a baby does not have to be difficult or complicated.  Follow these foolproof ways and you will be on your way to achieving that healthy diet you long for! 

  1. Find a base routine
  2. Incorporate healthy, yummy treats
  3. Incorporate actual yummy treats
  4. Hold yourself accountable with a grace given slack
  5. Use the Actionable Step Method
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What is a base routine?
A base routine is a normalcy of meals and snacks that are your “go to” foods, every day. Moreover, instead of eating random and new foods every single day, the best thing to do when implementing a healthy diet is to find a set group of foods that work for you and taste good to you. This will, in return, give you a solution when the objective, “I don’t know what to eat”, comes up, and strays you away from turning to junk food. 

Follow these guidelines for an effective base routine:

  • A focus on protein
  • A focus on healthy carbohydrates
  • A focus on more vegetables than fruits
  • Include some healthy fats
  • Stray from sugar, processed foods, and fried foods
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Make yourself a list (or a Pinterest board) including healthy options to yummy foods that you can look forward to eating as a treat during the week. Make sure when creating your list that the foods you are putting on there are simple and easy to make. If you do not see yourself making the healthy food instead of grabbing an easy-to-grab processed treat from your cupboard, you need to find a simpler option.

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Okay, now I’m not saying that healthy food is not yummy, however, I am saying allowing yourself to have a non-healthy treat now and then is going to help your overall attitude towards eating healthy. Furthermore, don’t be afraid of unhealthy foods that you truly enjoy. Instead, embrace the fact that you do enjoy that food, and when you do have it every once in a while, SAVOR IT, MAMA!

Here are a few concepts to think about when deciding whether or not to consume a treat:

  • How long has it been since the last time you enjoyed a treat?
  • Is this something you are truly going to enjoy, or are you just eating it to eat?
  • Is it worth possibly not feeling your best over (sometimes those donuts are just worth it, girl)
  • Can I pick up where I left off on my healthy diet if I do consume this treat?


Hold yourself accountable with grace given slack.

What does this mean?

Let’s break this concept down! Holding yourself accountable means that you are aware and you are implementing the steps towards a healthy diet, likewise to, you are aware and purposely straying away from actions that are not on the same page as your healthy diet. 

When we implement such accountability in our life, there needs to be a given point where we decide to use grace given slack.  Grace given slack, is just that, slack on the standards of your diet that are given to you by yourself.

It is important to remember that you do not need permission from anyone else, besides yourself, to give yourself slack. Also, it is important to give yourself grace given slack because the opposite side of this concept, striving for perfection, will most likely turn you away from a healthy lifestyle after some time.


What is the Actionable Step Method?

The Actionable Step Method is a method in which you work on implementing small, do-able actions into your daily routine in order to reach a larger goal.

This method works because it provides a system for achieving a lifestyle goal that is broken down into simple steps. It also stops you from biting off more than you can chew. In return, this method provides you with more victories than losses when working towards a goal and results in a higher confidence level towards what you can achieve.

A few steps to attainable action success:

  1. Decide on the main goal towards a change you would like to make. (Mine is consuming more protein throughout the day).
  2. Break down the action steps it will take to reach your main goal. (My steps include consuming 1 extra protein shake in my diet per day and eating egg whites for lunch).
  3. Decide on one action step that you feel fits into your lifestyle and you are confident that you can stay consistent with.
  4. Implement this action step into your daily routine for a week.
  5. After the week is over, re-evaluate whether or not this step brought you closer to your larger goal, was too hard for you to add into your daily life, and whether or not this action still fits into your lifestyle.
  6. If you are confident that you can add another action while still including the last one, pick another one off the list and repeat steps 3-6.

This is a great article from the amazing Girls Gone Strong about a similar way to apply this concept to your training.


Key elements to gain from this post:

  • Mama, your healthy diet does not have to be restrictive, complicated, or difficult.
  • A healthy diet is all about small steps.
  • Be nice to yourself!

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