Simple Fat Burning Workout For Busy Moms

Simple Fat Burning Workout For Busy Moms

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This post contains affiliate links in which I make a profit on. But as one mama to another, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t love!

Additionally, I am not a doctor; just a mama basing this information off of my own experiences as a mother, athlete, and prior research. Please consult your doctor before proceeding with any of the following information!

Have you hit a plateau in your fitness results? If you have, this could be because of a number of reasons, however, one of the main reasons could be that your routine does not consist of enough variety. It’s true, variety in your workout routines is one of the best ways to progress and get results that stick.

With that said, a fitness regimen that does have variety will consist of all of these elements throughout the week:

  1. Strength Training
  2. Cardiovascular Training
  3. Functional Movement Training with different ranges of motions
  4. Active Recovery/Mobility

In this post, I am going to show you a dumbbell workout that incorporates strength training and cardiovascular training in one, simple, fat burning workout that is specialized with the busiest mom in mind.

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This workout is a great full body workout, that focuses on working the majority of the body, as well as, has an emphasis on core stability. It combines the use of a dumbbell with fast-paced exercises for the purpose of including both strength training and cardiovascular training. Combining both categories together gives busy moms the best chance of achieving results as most of the time they do not have extra time to spare on working out.







I am using a 20 LB. Dumbbell in this video. I recommend starting off with a 15 LB. Dumbbell and gaging your ability from there, as core stability can become difficult as the weight gets heavier. This all depends on your level of training with weights.

You can get a reasonably priced dumbbell here.


Holding the dumbbell in one hand, take the opposite foot back, crossing it behind the front leg into a curtsey lunge. Touch the floor with the dumbbell, using both a lung and a hinge at the hips to reach the ground. 

Repeat this on the opposite side by switching the hand in which you hold the dumbbell with during the transition to the other side.


This exercise is similar to the Lunging Dumbbell Swings. In fact, it is exactly the same motion, however, instead of lunging and touching the floor, you are going to hold the dumbbell with two hands, keeping your upper body at the same level (with a very slight hinge at the hips), and use your core to stabilize a controlled stop as the Dumbbell reaches one side of your body.

Dumbbell-workout-4-nyffz5u2xwdoc5hqwgsxb1dx2hz8ppeii1obp2g9w0 Simple Fat Burning Workout For Busy Moms
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Begin with your feet one shoulder width apart. With one hand, touch the dumbbell on the ground in front of you by bending your knees and hinging at the hips. Clean the dumbbell up to a racked position (to your shoulder) by pressing into the floor with your feet, driving your hips forward as you shrug and transition to your elbows moving up, and dropping underneath your weight to catch the dumbbell. While doing this your feet should transition to a wide lunge. Use your legs to move your body, as well as the weight up, pressing the dumbbell over your head. This should be somewhat of a fluid motion.

Repeat this sequence on the other side.


Place your dumbbell on the floor, horizontally, with your hands on both ends. Sprawl your feet out so that your body hits a plank position. From there, jump your feet back in towards the dumbbell, curl the dumbbell to your chest while keeping a deep squat, and use your legs to thrust the weight over your head.

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Dumbbell-workout-4-nyffz5u2xwdoc5hqwgsxb1dx2hz8ppeii1obp2g9w0 Simple Fat Burning Workout For Busy Moms
Taylor Behringer, creator of Blossoming Fitness and the blog behind it, Naturally Blossoming, is a fellow mom who is passionate about helping other mamas live healthy lives. After struggling with her own health after a difficult childbirth, she is determined to create a resource for moms to turn to for help. Moreover, after 17 years of training and teaching as a dancer, as well as prior experience in the CrossFit industry, she combines her past knowledge with new to create functional baby-incorporated workout programs for moms of all levels of fitness.

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