7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

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mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

We are all about healthy habits, here at Naturally Blossoming, and I love helping overwhelmed mamas identify and create healthy habits for themselves so that health and fitness are…well, as easy as possible. Healthy habits are not only essential to maintaining a healthful, fit routine as a busy mom, they also are key to sustaining your health when mom life goes south.

Which leads me to tell you my inspiration behind this blog post. While my son has sadly come down with a stomach virus (his very first one! SAD FACE!), I am of reminded how important it is to keep up with my well being, while taking care of his.  It is so easy to throw in the towel and eat the junk that you have been hiding in the pantry for a raining day, because let’s face it, a day like this is pretty rainy. However, if we have healthy habits to fall back on when life hits us hard, the ability for us mamas to sustain a healthy routine will become much easier!

Let’s get to it!

mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

This post contains affiliate links in which I make a profit on. But as one mama to another, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t love!

Additionally, I am not a doctor; just a mama basing this information off of my own experiences as a mother, athlete, and prior research. Please consult your doctor before proceeding with any of the following information!


We all know how important water is to both our physical and mental health. (If you do not, here is a great read from Everyday Health about the importance of water.) Moreover, another idea, we are also well aware of, is how difficult it can be to consume enough water. 

Here is where this life-changing (it really did changed my life) healthy habit comes in, full force. By Beginning each meal with a glass of water and ending each meal with a glass of water, you are creating an easy-to-sustain habit for yourself that will help you consume water, even if you forget throughout the day. 

Additionally adding a glass with every snack is a great way to add to your intake.

mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle


Ensuring that you and your body have a healthy relationship with exercise is such an important habit in maintaining your fitness.

Here, at Naturally Blossoming, we teach fun, easy, effective, and functional ways to workout as a busy mom. One way to create this habit for yourself is to go for a workout at the park while your kids play. An action like this places a stigma of “fun” over your workout and you’re able to still enjoy spending time with your kiddos. 

Moreover, if your kiddo(s) are too young to take to the park, try a babywearing workout to get your body moving while still feeling close to your baby.

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mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle


When life becomes chaotic, that is when the grazing or snacking begins. Time to break out the potato chips, right? WRONG! If you develop this healthy habit, your nutrition will come much easier as a busy mom.

Furthermore, focus on meeting your food groups and portions throughout the day, instead of, (wait for it…), restricting yourself of what “you can not have”. This simple habit will not only change your mindset from a negative one towards eating healthy to a positive one, but also help you gage and control how and what you are feeding your body.

mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

Moreover, EVERYBODY’S BODY IS DIFFERENT! Which means, the following general portion recommendations are just that, general. This further means that factors such as breastfeeding or higher intensity workouts regularly could change the amount that you need to consume. The best advice I could give you is to listen to your body and fuel it when you feel you need too.

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Yes, you heard me, Mama! I’m going to give you the tool that has helped me be able to give myself a break in the midst of mom life in 3…2…1…

Are you ready for it?

Get serious and schedule a break into your daily plan. Yes, it is that important. Even if your break consists of you sitting on the floor, playing with your kiddo while drinking a cup of your favorite, providing yourself with dedicated downtime is a habit that will refill your energy and add ease to your mommy-brain.

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mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle


Developing a supplement routine as a habit is a great way to add extra energy and health benefits to your everyday life. 

Now, first, hear me out; supplements are not required to live a fit life, however, they do benefit your body and mind tons!

mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

So what should your supplement routine look like?

While every mama’s needs are different and may benefit from other choices differently, these are the general supplements that I love, use, and recommend every day:

Learn more detailed information about supplements: Postnatal Vitamins & Supplements Every Mother Should Take 


By starting your morning off with an encouraging word, you are instilling positivity into your day. It is important to have (or try to have) a small amount of time to yourself each day. Use this time to fill your brain with positivity.

During my morning routine, I wake up before my son to get some work done, before he wakes up. However, during this time, previously before I do anything, I always start my morning by reading my Jesus Calling Devotional and spending time in the word. I can not tell you or recommend this to you enough.

Despite your religious background, beginning your day in a similar sense will do wonders for your happiness, clarity, and productivity throughout your day.

mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle


When all else fails and you do end up letting go of a habit for a moment during the midst of a crazy day, (which will happen eventually), give yourself grace and let yourself off the hook, Mama. 

There is no sense in beating yourself up over something you have already struggled with because your progress will not retract during a day or two of lost habits. Although we should always strive to be fit and healthy, messy and uncontrollable days happen to the best of us.

mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle

Hi, Mama!

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new workout plan geared towards helping busy moms balance working out and mom life together, all while taking a stress-free, energizing approach to your fitness routine and gaining the results that you so desire. I understand how hard it is to keep up with a fitness routine as a mom and how frustrating it can be when you crave results but feel overwhelmed with the process. That’s why I created The 30 Day Blossoming Fitness Busy Mom’s Workout Plan, for moms like you (and me), who just don’t have that extra spare hour to workout. This fitness plan will not only give you do-able workouts that YOU CAN DO with your baby or toddler, but the support and help you need to achieve your goals. Head on over HERE, for a special 10% offer!

mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle
mo-optin-brand 7 Must-Do Habits To Gain A Healthy Mom Lifestyle
Taylor Behringer, creator of Blossoming Fitness and the blog behind it, Naturally Blossoming, is a fellow mom who is passionate about helping other mamas live healthy lives. After struggling with her own health after a difficult childbirth, she is determined to create a resource for moms to turn to for help. Moreover, after 17 years of training and teaching as a dancer, as well as prior experience in the CrossFit industry, she combines her past knowledge with new to create functional baby-incorporated workout programs for moms of all levels of fitness.

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