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Taylor Behringer

Hi, there! I’m Taylor, the woman behind Naturally Blossoming and the mama behind my sweet babe you see in that picture there. (Fun fact: He’s asleep in my arms as we speak while I’m typing this. #MOMLIFE) 

What lead me here…

Long story short, I grew up with a wide range of knowledge in the health and fitness industry. From having parents as personal trainers in the CrossFit industry, to a lifetime of training as a dancer and dance instructor, fitness has always been my thing.

Fast forward to getting pregnant and giving birth to my son, I found it harder and harder to maintain an effective fitness routine. The laundry piled up and the poopy diapers took over, meanwhile, I was completely discouraged in myself for not being able to keep up with any kind of fitness regimen as a busy mom. 

That’s when I decided to make a change. I changed the type of workouts I was attempting and most importantly, the way I approached them.  

Finding success in the workout programming that I was implementing in my own life, I decided to share my secrets and create simple ways for other busy moms to obtain the same success I have had in maintaining a fitness routine that fits into their lifestyle.

ACS_0220 About Me

Workout plans specialized to fit into your chaotic mom life

ACS_0220 About Me

Health & fitness advice, specialized for moms

ACS_0220 About Me

Fitness challenged, designed to help moms jumpstart their routines

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