The FREE 15 Day Mamas Get Fit Challenge is a sequence of specialized workout programming for busy moms, that is geared towards helping you lose the baby weight and transform your habits. While focusing on workouts that are created to get you moving in a fun and effective way, The 15 Day Mamas Get Fit Challenge consists of fast paced, 15-20 minute workouts that will help you fit fitness into your life without the stress of balancing a fitness routine and mom life.

Created by Taylor, a mama of a toddler, she incorporates babywearing workout, stroller workout, and on the ground with baby workout options for every exercise.

Untitled-design FREE 15 Day Mamas Get Fit Challenge

"I really enjoyed the 15 day challenge!"

It was short, sweet and Taylor provided amazing workouts that I could fit into my busy lifestyle. Gone are the days of spending hours at the gym, so I appreciated her creativity and taking into account that not every day you can make it to the gym. She also provided nutrition tips and general health tips that helped me to stay on track with my fitness goals! My biggest challenge has always been creating variety in my workouts and Taylor provided that daily!
Untitled-design FREE 15 Day Mamas Get Fit Challenge
Challenge Participant

this challenge includes

  • 15 days of FREE workout programming for busy moms.
  • Daily tips & advice on how to get the results and ease in your fitness routine that you desire.
  • Exclusive access to the Blossoming Fitness Mamas Get Fit Facebook page to connect with me & other mamas participating in the challenge.

The FREE Mamas Get Fit Challenge is for you if

You are a mama who is struggling to lose weight after having a baby…

This challenge is for you!

You are a mama who has absolutely no time to work out…

This challenge is for you!

If you are a mama who desires a healthy and active lifestyle for both you and your kids…

This challenge is for you!

If you are a mama who suffers from “Mom Guilt” and therefore, can’t get yourself to workout…

This challenge is for you!

Untitled-design FREE 15 Day Mamas Get Fit Challenge


Taylor Behringer, creator of Blossoming Fitness and the blog behind it, Naturally Blossoming, is a fellow mom who is passionate about helping other mamas live healthy lives. After struggling with her own health after a difficult childbirth, she is determined to create a resource for moms to turn to for help. 

Moreover, after 17 years of training and teaching as a dancer, as well as prior experience in the CrossFit industry, she combines her past knowledge with new to create functional baby-incorporated workout programs for moms of all levels of fitness.

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