Humble-honey Healthy Recipes

Yummy and extremely easy protein pancakes to fuel the busiest of moms and her kiddos!

Humble-honey Healthy Recipes

Easiest, most effective protein smoothie that is especially great to fuel breastfeeding mamas (or any mama on the go). AND IT’S DAIRY-FREE!

These healthy pancakes are, just like the title, RIDICULOUSLY EASY! They are extremely simple and take only about 8 minutes to make from start to finish. Clean-up is a breeze with this recipe, and for the mama who is having “one of those days”, (you know, those clingy days), they can be easily prepared with one hand holding your baby.

One way to make on-the-go life easier and healthier with a young kiddo(s) is to make snacks that both him (or her) and you can enjoy together. I know that applesauce squeeze packet is tempting, Mama, but that’s not where I’m going with this. I’m talking protein packed, nutrients are there for a reason, energizing snacks that even your little picky eater will find tasty as you both munch on them.

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